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Wood Security Doors offer the look of a traditional screen door, but provide more security! The screen is a heavy duty, high-tensile steel wire screen that is resistant to forced entry, being cut, kicked in, dented or torn! Never have to re-screen your door again! Wood Security doors have the same airflow and visibility of a regular screen door. Available in the styles shown below. Offered in 1-1/8" Thick Oak or Mahogany - very hard woods to help prevent the wood breaking if kicked.

Available as a regular screen door, or you can make it a storm door by adding a glass panel that goes on over the screen to provide extra insulation during the winter. Doors come unfinished, or you can have us stain or paint them. Special hardware is included with Wood Security Doors. We do not pre-drill or install the hardware to the door. This way it can be placed on either side and any location needed, and allows the door to be trimmed if needed. Wood Security Doors are available in any size up to 48" wide and any height up to 96" tall. The security screen material is available in black or silver.



SD30 Wood Security Door
SD40 Wood Security Door
SD50 Wood Security Door
SD60 Wood Security Door
SD70 Wood Security Door