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Orders can be placed by phone (310) 548-4142, or by using our secure website order form. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or check. If sending a check, we cannot begin production on your order until your check is received. Also, please contact us for a grand total including shipping before sending your check. Payment is required before production can be started. We can only ship the doors within the United States. California residents add 9% sales tax to orders. We do not sell or share any of your information. All information is kept private and secure.

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Lead Times

All of our doors are made to order. Production lead time varies depending on the order details and the time of year. Summer is the busiest time of year, and winter is the slowest. During the summer, it can be about 3 to 6 weeks, and during the winter it can be about 1 to 3 weeks, plus shipping time. Some custom orders may be longer depending on the details. Rush orders are also available for an additional charge.

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Doors can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and are shipped by common carrier. Shipping charges depend on the order and location. Please see the door product pages for the shipping price chart (click on a picture of a door model and at the bottom of the page is the price chart). Orders can also be picked up from us in San Pedro, CA (Southern California). We also have local delivery for Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Damage - Our packaging method for the wood doors provides the best protection from possible damage during shipping. The freight companies we use do their best to handle the doors with the utmost care. When you receive your door, please inspect the packaging. If there is damage, you must note the damage on the paperwork. You must notify us of any damage within 10 days of receiving the door. We will request pictures of the damage and packaging. Depending on the extent and type of damage, we will repair, replace or refund the door at our discretion. If it is minor damage, we will work with you to have the door fixed locally without having to send it back. You must keep all of the original packaging materials in case of inspection or return of the door. We will handle the claim with the freight company.

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Return Policy

All of our doors are custom made to order according to your specifications and therefore are not returnable. In some cases, we will accept a return, however, it must be pre-authorized. We reserve the right to accept or refuse returns on any order. A re-stocking fee may be applied. Shipping and handling charges, as well as return shipping charges, are non-refundable.

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When measuring for a wood screen door, be sure to measure the exact spot where the screen door will go. Only measure an existing wood screen door if it is still a good fit (and it is not pre-hung). If you have a pre-hung framed type aluminum screen door, the door and the metal frame must be removed before taking the measurements for the new wood screen door. Do not measure the entry door. Measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom. Measure the height at the left and right side. If the measurements are different, the largest measurement should be used. The edges of the door can be trimmed to fit the door jamb during installation. Next, measure the depth of the door jamb to determine the thickness of the door. Be sure to take into account the door knob clearance.

*We make the door to the size you give us. We do not make any deductions for clearance. If you would like the door to be smaller for clearance, be sure to give us the measurements with the deduction already made. The typical clearance is 1/4" from both the width and height. This gives 1/8" all the way around. If the door jamb is out of square, it is best to go with the largest size and not make any deductions for clearance. The door should be trimmed to fit during installation. Always check with your door installer regarding the measurements before ordering.
Measuring Diagram
Arch Top Measuring Diagram

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Door Sizes

Doors are made to the size that you provide us, even standard sizes. A 36" wide door measures 36" wide. They are not undersized. We do not automatically make any deductions for clearance, so be sure to give us the size you would like the door to be made. Our doors are solid wood, so they can be trimmed to fit. If the door jamb is square, then the typical clearance is 1/4" from the width and the height. This gives 1/8" of clearance all the way around. If the door jamb is out of square, then it's best to go with the largest measurements, and trim the door to fit (and not make any deductions for clearance). If you are not sure of the measurements, please contact us or your door installer before ordering. We make the doors in 1/8" increments. No 1/16" increments please. Since our doors are hand made, 1/8" tolerance on the sizes is normal.

Our standard door thickness are 3/4" and 1-1/8". We can make the doors thicker if needed. Please contact us for a quote.

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Wood Types

The standard wood types that we offer are Mixed Grain Douglas Fir, Eastern Red Oak, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany and Accoya. Oak is not a great outdoor wood and does best when it is protected from the weather. Doug Fir, Cedar, Mahogany and Accoya are better suited for exposure to the weather. Mahogany is stain grade. Accoya is paint grade. If you are looking for another wood type, just let us know. We can also make the doors from Clear or Knotty Alder, White Oak, Teak, etc. - Just ask for a quote!
Please click here for more information and pictures of the wood types.

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Screen Types

Our standard screen is a charcoal fiberglass. Heavy Duty Pet Screen (Black Polyester) - $10.00 extra. We are now carrying Sun Control Screen and also BetterVue Screen. The Sun Control Screen made of strong vinyl-coated black polyester. It blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat and is pet resistant. The BetterVue Screen provides the most visibility, light transmittance, and air flow. It offers excellent insect protection due to 30% smaller openings than standard screen This screen is a finer mesh, which makes it more delicate and can tear easier than the other screen materials.. The Sun Control Screen is an additional $15.00 per door. The BetterVue is an additional $10.00 per door. We also carry Bronze, Copper, Black Stainless Steel Screen and Silver Stainless Steel Screen, which are great for older/historic homes. They give that vintage look. Please call for price.
Click here for pictures of the screen.

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Screening Methods

There are two standard ways that the doors are screened depending on the model. Models that are plain, like the 3600, have a groove in the thickness of the door. The screen goes into this groove with rope spline and staples holding it in. The door looks the same on both the front and the back side. Doors that are more decorative, with gingerbread corners, grid sections, spindle bars, or have smaller screen sections, have a groove on the backside of the door that the screen goes into with rubber spline. The screen covers the backside of the corners and grids, so bugs cannot get through.

Some doors can be made with old fashioned wood molding. Plain doors such as 3600, can have flush molding. With flush molding, there is a recessed ledge that the screen is stapled to. Wood molding is then nailed over the screen. The wood molding is inset with the frame of the door. On more decorative models, such as 360DF1, that are screened with the groove on the backside, can have molding on top of the groove to cover where the screen is attached. Flush molding is a $35.00 charge (maybe more on certain models that have several screen openings). Molding on top is a $10.00 charge (maybe more on certain models that have several screen openings). Please note that flush molding and molding on top are not available on every model. Metal screen types (Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel) can only be installed using the flush molding/molding on top methods.

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Screen Doors and Storm Doors

Our doors can be made in several different ways:

Click here for storm door pictures.

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Unfinished Doors

Doors come unfinished, unless ordered stained or painted. They are machine sanded to 100 grit. They are ready for hand sanding. Door models that have decorative gingerbread corners, grid sections, spindle bars, or small sections, etc., that are ordered unfinished will be sent with the screen not installed in the door. The screen goes behind the decorative work. If we were to screen the doors, the backside of the corners/grids cannot be painted/stained through the screen. Door models that are plain will have the screen installed.

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Staining: We use Minwax Wood Finish stains. We apply the stain and three coats of a clear polyurethane finish. We can also apply just a clear finish without any stain. The link below is the stain color chart. Please note that sample colors are done on oak wood. Other wood types will look different in both color and grainline. Colors may also vary depending on your computer screen. We do not match stain colors. If you are trying to match a specific color, it is best to order the door unfinished and stain it locally.
Click here for the stain color chart.

Primer: A primed finish includes two coats of water based primer, applied in a spray booth. White primer or a dark gray primer are available depending on what color you will be painting the door.

*Please note that the edges of the doors are not painted or stained. It's normal that trimming has to be done during installation, so we do not finish the edges. All edges must be finished after installation to protect the door. Failure to finish the edges could result in a shortened life span of the door

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As with any wood product that is outdoors and exposed to sunlight, rain or water, it is very important to maintain your door. The paint or stain can last from 6 months to several years depending on the conditions and how much sunlight it is exposed to. The sun will fade the finish no matter what type of wood the door is or what type of finish it has. Doors will need to be refinished as needed to ensure the longevity of the door.

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Custom Models

Don't see the style or design you are looking for? No problem! Just email a picture or drawing of what you are looking for and we can give you a price quote. Be sure to include any specific details, measurements, wood types and any other options you are interested in. We can make completely custom designs, or modify and mix and match any of our standard designs.

View custom designs

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Double Doors

For double doors (two doors in the same opening that open in the middle), you would just order two doors half of the total width. We offer specific hardware for double doors (shown on the hardware page). The astragal (strip of wood that goes in the middle where the two doors meet) is included with the double door hardware kit, or it can be purchased separately.

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Pantry and Interior Doors

Our wood screen doors can also be used inside the house as well! They are often used as pantry doors, and bedroom doors where light and airflow is needed, but a door is still required to keep pets out, or for a baby's bedroom. Note that screen door hardware must be used unless you go with a thicker door (such as 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" thick).

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Sliding Screen Doors

Our doors can be made as sliding screen doors instead of swinging doors. Adjustable wheels can be installed in the bottom of the door (and top if needed). Available on 1-1/8" thick doors. We do not provide the tracks. Please contact us for pricing.

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The construction method of our doors is tongue and groove, glue and screw. They are very sturdy doors, built to last.

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