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Model 446

This is a classic vintage screen door design. Spindles going across the middle, and another set of spindles going diagonally across the bottom section.

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Door Thickness & Wood Type

Type of Door
Doug Fir
Doug Fir
Screen Door
(Fixed Screen, No Glass)
$319 $396 $424 $392 $523 $603
Fixed Screen
& Removable Glass
N/A N/A N/A      
Screen & Glass
N/A N/A N/A      

Prices above are for standard sizes (30", 32" or 36" wide by 81" tall), Unfinished, Charcoal Fiberglass Screen. Please see below for other options.

Finishing Costs:

Clear Polyurethane and Stain are an Oil Based finish (Minwax Wood Finish stains). Color matching for stains is not available.

Primer is water based, and two coats are applied in a spray booth. White and Dark Gray primer colors available.
Stain and/or Clear Finish  
Primer Only  

Custom Sizes:

Standard Sizes are:   30" x 81",   32" x 81"   and   36" x 81". However doors can be made in just about any size (to the nearest eighth inch increment.) Doors are made to the size that you provide. We do not automatically deduct for clearance.
Width's Height's
Under 36" Add $10 Under 81" Add $5
36" up to 39" Add $35 81" up to 84" Add $10
39" up to 43" Add $70 84" up to 87" Add $40
Over 43" Please contact us 87" up to 90" Add $80
  90" up to 93" Add $100
  93" up to 96" Add $120
  Over 96" Please contact us

Screen Types:

Standard Charcoal Fiberglass
(Most common screen. Very easy to see through.)
BetterVue Screen
(Very see through. Delicate Screen. Not good for pets or high traffic areas. Smaller holes. Black Fiberglass.)
Add $20
Tuff Screen
(Good visibility. Very durable and great for pets. Vinyl Coated Polyester.)
Add $20
Pet Screen
(Most durable screen. Still see through, but thicker than the Tuff Screen. Vinyl Coated Polyester.)
Add $20
Sun Control Screen
(Least see through screen. Blocks out 80 percent of the suns heat. Very durable. Vinyl Coated Polyester.)
Add $20
Metal Screens:
Bronze, Copper or Black Stainless Steel Screen
(Vintage style screen, great for historic homes. Tear resistant, but can dent or scratch. Not good for pets or high traffic areas.)
Please contact us for pricing

Shipping Charges:

Within the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
Screen Only (No Glass),
Size 36" x 81" or Smaller
1 Door = $98
2 Doors = $120 Total
With Glass, Size 36" x 81" or Smaller 1 Door = $150
Within California Starts at $35
Within Oregon and Washington Starts at $45
Some locations Arizona, Nevada,
New Mexico, Idaho and Utah
Please check with us
Starts at $45
Pick up at our location in San Pedro, CA (Southern CA) is always welcome.
**For doors that are over 36" x 81", other quantities and/or other locations, please contact us for the shipping cost.

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